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1. Dream property in Spain?

We can help you find your dream property in Spain! It could be a modern apartment in the city, an elegant villa by the sea or a romantic farm in the mountains. We have an extensive network of contacts with property owners, developers and other real estate agents.

2. Analysing your dreams and viewing the properties

We start our work by discussing your dreams and interviewing you. We will then present you with a wide range of carefully selected properties that meet your criteria. In a feedback meeting, we will narrow down our list to the properties we will show you. So, you'll see exactly the kind of property you've been dreaming about and are actually looking for.

We will visit your potential dream homes together. At the same time, we will introduce you to the Costa del Sol and its diverse living environments. As firm experts on the area, we will tell you openly about the characteristics of the different areas and their suitability for you.

3. Making your dream come true is much easier than many people think

When it comes to finding your dream home, we recommend an impartial lawyer. If you already have your own Spanish lawyer, you can of course use him or her. This lawyer will represent you throughout the whole buying process. With the appropriate power of attorney, your lawyer can represent you at all stages of the purchase process. We estate agents will work closely with your lawyer to ensure that all the smallest details are taken into account.

4. Booking ensures your dream home becomes a reality

Once you have found your dream home, we will sign a Contrato de Reserva (Reservation Contract) with you or through your lawyer. As the buyer, you transfer the reservation fee of €6,000 to our or your lawyer's client reserve account. The seller then removes the property from the market and the property is reserved for you.

The reservation period is usually 10-14 days. During this time, your lawyer will examine all the documents, including the land register, title, property registration, debts and building permits.

5. A private contract will secure the deal of your dreams

Once all the legalities have been checked, a private contract of sale (Contrato de Compraventa) is drawn up. This is a broader and more binding contract, written by the buyer and seller's lawyers. Once the private contract is signed, a deposit of 10% of the purchase price is paid, minus the 6,000 already paid for the deposit. Your solicitor will also help you apply for a Spanish social security number (NIE number) and a bank account with a Spanish bank.

6. The keys to your new dream home in Spain

The transaction is made and confirmed by a notary, where both parties or the parties solicitors meet and sign the deed of sale (Escritura). The remaining purchase price is paid to the seller. After the transaction, the necessary service contracts (including electricity and water contracts) and notifications to the authorities will be made by your lawyer. The keys will be handed over at the time of the sale. Now you are the owner of the property and can move into your dream home!

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