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We help you to find your dream property in Costa del Sol! There are more than 25.000 properties from 60.000 euros to 10.000 000 euros in our property database. We do collaborate with other real estate agencies in costa del sol. You only need to have one professional agent helping you!


Frame Properties offers personalised and professional real estate services to our clients in prime locations on the Costa del Sol.
Our property portfolio contains the most distinctive and attractive properties in Southern Spain.
We provided top quality services during the process of renting or buying. Our team helps you to find your new property or investment without having to visit different companies making your property easier and less time consuming.
By using our property database you have access to over 20,000 properties from the largest network of estate agents on the Costa del Sol.

It is time for a coffee break!

We invite you to have a coffee / tea / drink / tapas with us! It is very important to identify all the needs and criterias that you have for your own Spanish property, 
We help you to find your dream property in Costa del Sol!

Galleria Frame

In our business farm house you will also find the ART GALLERY. At the moment we have Kristian Kaarna’s surrealistic photography exhibition. You are more than wellcome to visit our art exhibition.